The All Organic Dark Mulch Ground Cover

Black Satin® Mulch is the best all natural and organic dark ground cover that inhibits weeds as it enhances your soil.

Black Satin® Mulch is designed to exceed your expectations.


Black Satin® has the right color and texture to beautify mulched areas around all plantings. When spread to a depth of 3" to 4" it will prevent compaction, retain moisture, suppress weeds, and slowly release nutrients to the root system for healthier, more vigorous plants.

Black Satin® is the perfect mulch for flower and vegetable gardens. A 3" to 4" layer spread around plants is enough to suppress weed growth. When tilled in at the end of each season, Black Satin® enriches the soil, encouraging beneficial earthworms and replenishing microbes that are often destroyed by harsh chemicals.

Planting Trees, Shrubs, & Garden Plants:

Prepare a hole twice the size of the root ball being planted. Make a mix of 50% Black Satin® and 50% soil from the dug planting bed. After the plant is placed in bed, use the prepared mixture to backfill around root ball. Water and tamp in firmly to avoid air pockets.

On Established Lawns:

Black Satin® is used as a top dressing on lawns and can be spread thinly by hand or in a spreader set at its biggest opening. Avoid spreading so thick as to smother the grass. Rake in gently with a leaf rake. This application can be repeated frequently during the growing season without danger of burning.

For best results apply a few days after mowing. Used in this way, Black Satin® will add a water retentive ground cover to your lawn soil helping it during droughty, hot summer days.

To Establish New Lawns:

A 4" to 6" layer of Black Satin® should be spread on desired area. Incorporate into soil and mix well using a rake, hoe, or rototiller. Smooth evenly before seeding.